Natural Classico

About Natural Classico

The Natural Classico brand is steeped in tradition. With generations of experienced tomato growing and canning family members, the brand sets to honor the heritage of these fine millers. As mentioned on our design page the first tomato crusher was created in 1917 in Bologna, Italy as a method to separate seeds and skins from tomato meat. With this invention, homemade sauce became easier to create, enabling more time to be spent seasoning the milled result and cooking it to perfection (with less time upfront prepping).

Today, even with more advanced technology and the availability of canned/jar sauces, there is something about hand milling that offers a sense of going back to the source and being one with nature. Recognizing this need, the Natural Classico brand offers tomato milling tools to inspire users and enhance the sauce making experience.

Natural Classico is a growing line of tools made of quality materials that are designed to last from season to season.

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